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"Coming Home" Veterans Retreats

Bellarmine offers a day-long retreat for men and women (and their adult family members) to pray and reflect on their military experiences in a safe environment.

Upcoming Coming Home Retreats

The “Coming Home” Veterans Retreat offers a reflection on the transitions to and from military life. You’ll spend a day away with others who understand what you’ve experienced. This retreat is for all interested individuals, regardless of their current faith practices. The retreat offers prayer experiences but is not focused on a particular religion.

At Bellarmine, we understand that no two veterans and no two military families are the same. Some have seen active combat, others haven’t. Some have experienced tremendous loss. Some come back healthy and strong. Some transition back to civilian life rather easily, while others face a variety of challenges and obstacles. But serving in the military or having a loved one wear the uniform creates a common bond that is never forgotten.

St. Ignatius of Loyola’s spirituality is the foundation of this retreat experience. Ignatius was born into a military family in 16th century Spain. His brothers were sea captains to the Americas. Ignatius was a respected commander in the Spanish army until a cannonball broke both of his legs. While recovering, he experienced a profound spiritual conversion. He no longer sought to serve an earthly king, but the Eternal King. He no longer sought victory over earthly enemies, but to conquer the spiritual battles that raged within him.

Ignatius became an expert at helping people find meaning and direction in their lives. He believed that God is hidden in the stories of our lives. Gather with other men and women who share your experience, to tell whatever part of your story you’re comfortable naming. Come look for God in the place you might least expect…in the pages of your life story.

A recent retreatant said, "It has been over 50 years since I left Vietnam. I wish this program was available when I returned home."

Upcoming Veterans' Retreats