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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction helps us listen contemplatively to God’s movement in our lives.

Spiritual direction provides an opportunity to pay particular attention to the way in which God is communicating with us in order to grow in intimacy with Christ.  It is a formal one-on-one relationship between a director and a directee which enables the directee to:

  • Pay attention and respond to God’s personal communication, 
  • Discern the work of the Lord in his or her life, and
  • Live out the values of this relationship with God

Bellarmine offers interested individuals the opportunity to meet with an experienced religious or lay spiritual director.  One usually meets with their spiritual director once a month for about an hour. There is a stipend requested to help support the ministry of a professional spiritual director. When working with a qualified intern under the supervision of a professional director, there is no fee.  

If you are interested in meeting with a spiritual director, please click here to download the request for information form.  

If your need requires immediate emergency attention, please contact the Archdiocese of Chicago at 312-534-8200.