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12 Step Recovery Retreats

Bellarmine offers 12 Step retreats for those in recovery and for their friends and family, known as "Bill W" retreats.  These retreats invite those who are working the 12 Steps to continue their journey in company with others. Retreatants must be sober for 30 days to attend this retreat.

A Retreat Master leads the retreat and prepares thematic talks rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and the 12 Step Program.  The retreat offers a unique time away with optional opportunities for a 12 Step meeting, confession, Mass, consultation with a spiritual director, and group prayer experiences. Recovery Retreats end after the 11:30 am lunch.  

A recent retreatant, Tony, says about the Bill W Retreat, "For 20 years, it has been a major part of my sobriety."

Several single-gender retreats each season are dedicated to supporting the recovery of men and women in 12 Step programs. In addition, we offer one retreat each year for friends and family members (both men and women) with loved ones in recovery or struggling with addiction.  A 12 Step meeting is held on Saturday during the retreat. Those in 12 Step addiction recovery programs are also welcome to attend the “friends and family” retreat with their family members. These retreats are specifically designed and themed to fit the 12 Steps.