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Fr. Bernie Owens, SJ

Fr. Bernie Owens is a member of the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).  He recently returned from Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa where for five years he guided many people making retreats according to the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola and taught part-time in the Jesuit seminary in Nairobi.  

Most recently he has written and had published a paperback entitled More Than You Could Ever Imagine: On Our Becoming Divine.  It tells the story of our Passover into God, how God transforms us into another Christ, freed from our self-centeredness to relate selflessly and with God’s love to others, to the world, to God, and to our own self.  It gives the broad outlines or sketch of the journey that Christians and in general all peoples make home to God, as well as what are some of the amazing chapters in our life story as we realize our ultimate destiny in Christ.  Fr. Bernie is soon to finish a second book, Realizing Our Deepest Desires: Experiencing God As Never Before.  It tells of how God evokes, stage by stage, the deepest and most pure desires of our soul, the best parts of ourself, so that we can become the best of friends with Him and a Beloved Disciple of Jesus.

In August of 2019 Fr. Bernie began a new ministry at St. John’s Jesuit High School and Academy in Toledo.  It is a school for 725 boys, ages 12-18.  He has been asked to create various programs for the parents of the students and for the members of St. John’s Board of Trustees and their spouses.  Lastly, he is helping out with weekend masses at St Martin de Porres, the African-American inner city parish of Toledo.