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On the Road: Encounters with Jesus

April 22-25, 2021
A 4-Day Ignatian, Silent Retreat for Men & Women

Retreat Title: On the Road: Encounters with Jesus

This retreat will contemplate a number of Gospel stories of people who encounter Jesus along the way. Those who meet Jesus may be blind or stumbling along; they may be worried about a sick family member or possessed by a demon. One may be a foreigner worried about his son. One may be an outsider woman down at the well to get her water supply. One may be a disciple who fails to recognize the one who has risen and returned to walk with him. We will ponder and question: Where do I fit in? Where am I blind or stumbling? Where do I fail to recognize Jesus?

Groups Attending: Individuals

This retreat is currently at capacity or registration is closed. Please call the office at 847.381.1261 with questions.

Retreat Master:


Fr. Ed Schmidt, SJ

Fr. Schmidt earned a Master of Science in Linguistics from Georgetown University, and served on faculty at Loyola, teaching various languages.  In the mid-seventies through early eighties, he served in Campus Ministry at Loyola University and as Pastor of Bellarmine Chapel. 

He has been the Associate Editor/Manager of “Company” magazine since September 1982.

Fr. Schmidt was ordained in Chicago in 1993, received his Master of Divinity from Loyola, and has been Province consultor since 1996.