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Wholeness & Holiness: Becoming One with Christ in a World of Distraction

August 16-17, 2019
An Ignatian, Silent Overnight Retreat for Men & Women

Retreat Title: Wholeness & Holiness: Becoming One with Christ in a World of Distraction

At a time where our attention is what is for sale, people feel understandably adrift from God, others, and themselves.  In this retreat for "busier-than-I'd-like" young adults, Fr. Joe Simmons will offer points and Ignatian tools for how to reground our spiritual life in God.  Ideal for 25-45 year olds whose spiritual flame is flickering.

Groups Attending: Young Adults (45 and younger), Individuals

Please call the office at 847-381-1261 to register for this retreat.

Retreat Master:


Fr. Joseph Simmons, SJ

Fr. Joseph Simmons, SJ, from Milwaukee, studied languages and theology at Marquette University. He volunteer-taught for two years before entering the Jesuits in 2006. Fr. Simmons studied philosophy at Loyola University and theology at Boston College. In between, he has volunteered with Jesuit Refugee Services in the Middle East, worked in several Jesuit high schools, and taught philosophy at Creighton University in Omaha. Fr. Joe has written and edited for the Jesuit Post, and has given retreats on the Spiritual Exercises around the country. Fr. Joe was ordained in June 2017 and will begin a doctorate in theology and literature at the University of Oxford in Fall 2018.