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Steps 6 and 7: Spending Time with Old Friends

March 13-15, 2020
An Ignatian, Recovery Weekend Retreat for Men

Retreat Title: Steps 6 and 7: Spending Time with Old Friends

This retreat will explore steps six and seven of AA.  These steps focus on character defects and shortcomings while humbly seeking God to remove them from our lives.  We explore these defects of character as the old friends they have become; as the teachers of our resilient self; as the reminder of the gift of sobriety and the joy of a higher power.  We no longer fear them; we explore them as a part of our identity.

Groups Attending: Individuals

Please call the office at 847-381-1261 to register for this retreat.

Retreat Master:


Fr. Al Johnson

Fr. Al Johnson is a native Chicagoan (South Side) and an Episcopal Priest.  Locally he most recently served as Rector of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Barrington.  Now he serves in the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania on a part-time basis.  Al also serves as the volunteer chaplain for Barrington Countryside Fire District as well as participates regularly in the AA community in Barrington and in Erie, PA.  Fr. Al is also married to Vickie and together they have three children, two alive, Hannah and Zachary, and one that died in 1989, Nicholas.  They have been residents of the Barrington Community since 1990.