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Music & Prayer with a Duet of the St. Louis Jesuits

April 21, 2022 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
An Evening of Reflection for Men & Women

Retreat Title: Music & Prayer with a Duet of the St. Louis Jesuits

Join Fr. Roc O'Connor and Fr. Bob Dufford in a joyful evening of song and praise.

Program Cost: $45.00 (includes Dinner)

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Retreat Masters:


Fr. Bob Dufford, SJ

Fr. Bob Dufford, SJ is a Jesuit priest and well-known composer of liturgical music. He has taught in high school and college, and given hundreds of workshops in liturgy and music. For nearly 20 years, he has offered retreats and spiritual direction at the Jesuit Retreat House in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and, since 2010, at Creighton University Retreat Center in Griswold, Iowa.


Fr. Roc O'Connor, SJ

Since 2018, and with his provincial’s direction, Roc O’Connor, SJ has been composing and writing nearly full-time. In June of 2020 OCP published his collection of eight new songs, All Shall Be Well: The Hand of God. During the lockdown from COVID he submitted a three year writing project on liturgical spirituality for publication. It twins with his article to be published in Worship magazine, July 2021. Both deal with the question, How can divided, divisive Catholics profess belief in the Body of Christ yet take it apart all week long?