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Mark's Three Stories about Jesus as the "Messiah, the Son of God"

January 27-29, 2023
An Ignatian, Silent Weekend Retreat for Men

Retreat Title: Mark's Three Stories about Jesus as the "Messiah, the Son of God"

A 5th century bishop named Diadochus wrote that the measure of our love for God depends upon how deeply aware we are of God's love for us.  St. Ignatius' "Exercises" are designed to deepen our awareness of God's love.  Our retreat will focus on the relationship between our hearts and God's.

Groups Attending: St. Mary Buffalo Grove Knights & Men's Club, Individuals

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Retreat Master:

Fr. David Shields, SJ

Fr. David Shields, SJ is a Jesuit priest of the USA Midwest Province who has been involved in retreat ministry for over 40 years. In addition to this ministry, Fr. Shields has spent some 20 years with the Oglala Sioux on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. More recently, he has worked nearly 23 years in Hispanic ministry as Founder and Executive Director of Casa Romero Renewal Center  in Milwaukee, WI. Currently Fr Shields is Founder Emeritus of Casa Romero and remains active in Spiritual Direction, retreat director and other spiritual ministries. In September 2019, Fr. Shields spent a week in El Paso learning more a bout the US border and its issues with migrants and refugees.  In January, 2020, he had the privilege to make a Pilgrimage/Retreat to El Salvador and Guatemala where he visited many martyrdom sites pertaining to St Oscar Romero, the Four Churchwomen, Bishop Girardi and others. Fr Shields is a friend of Bill W.