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Simplicity, Recovery, and Service

November 4-6, 2022
An Ignatian, Recovery Weekend Retreat for Men

Retreat Title: Simplicity, Recovery, and Service

"Reflections and conversations on the 12 Step of Recovery, for people who need grace, community, and quiet. All are welcome. Let the peace and quiet of Bellarmine Retreat House enrich your life and recovery as we enter the holidays."

Groups Attending: Individuals

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Retreat Master:

Fr. Tom Weston, SJ

Fr. Tom Weston, SJ, entered the California Province of the Jesuit Order in 1965 and was ordained a priest in 1978.  Currently based in Oakland, CA, he has devoted most of his priestly life to counseling and retreat work with alcoholics and other addicts.  In addition to his Twelve Step work, he was part of a team that taught English to ministry students in Thailand and Vietnam each summer.  “Wherever he is, Fr. Weston sees the power of God working in people’s lives, but perhaps most acutely in his recovery work:  ‘People get well.  People come back to life.  Families come back together,” he says.  ‘It’s the Resurrection—and you see it all the time.’ ” (Tyson, Gail.  “Helping Others Find Sobriety.”  Mission 2008 Summer:  pg. 7.  Print.)