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Jesus and Women: Sharing the Road to Discipleship

April 13-14, 2018
A Silent, Overnight Retreat for Women

Retreat Title: Jesus and Women: Sharing the Road to Discipleship

"Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus"  (John  5:11).  The earliest Gospel traditions testify that despite the  rigorous rules separating the worlds of men and women in the first century Greek East, Jesus had women friends and disciples, and that He readily reached out to help women petitioners.   The evidence of His  parables which use examples from women's life prove that they were there along with the men  to hear Him as He taught the road to discipleship.

No  editing trying to protect Jesus from accusations of impropriety,  can hide what the earliest traditions show us about Jesus: that He understood the inequities for women in that sexist world, that their lives were judged by different standards, that He was  concerned with women as He was with men,  a person attentive, natural, warm, emotional, reachable, and genuine.  He was the master,  the wisdom teacher, the man of prayer and miracles, the Messiah , the Son of God ready to give Himself for us.  He shows us the road to love.  

In this overnight retreat, the Resurrected Jesus joins us as  we enter into the revelatory parables, and the stories  of His encounters with women,  petitioners, disciples and friends. As we do so, we hear His message to us today as His women disciples and friends in our world, right now. Opportunities for individual consultation with Ignatian spiritual directors will be available during the retreat.

Groups Attending: Individuals

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Retreat Master:


Sr. Wendy Cotter, CSJ, PhD

Sr.  Wendy Cotter, CSJ, PhD   is a Sister of St. Joseph from London, Ontario, Canada and has been a full professor of  New Testament in the Theology Department of Loyola University, and is now Emerita since her retirement last summer.  After her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies, she was invited to serve on her Community’s Peruvian mission for two terms (four years). Upon her return, she began her graduate studies and received her PhD in New Testament from the University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto, with a specialty in Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke), particularly the Gospel of Mark and pre-gospel material with a focus on miracle stories. Besides her articles and papers, she has published two books, The Miracles in  Greco Roman Antiquity (1999) , and The Christ of the Miracle Stories: Portrait Through Encounter (2010).  Throughout these years, Sister has been invited to offer Scripture workshops and parish missions as well as weekend and longer retreats.  She considers these the greatest source of joy and grace.